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Predictably grow your Amazon business, with less stress, improved profit, and a whole lot more fun.

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Have you been frustrated with your Amazon ads:

  • Rising advertising costs
  • Low conversion rates
  • Losing keyword rankings
  • Stagnating performance
  • High ACOS (advertising cost of sale)
  • Shrinking profit margins
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Our customers no longer struggle with these issues:

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Never have to waste time learning Amazon PPC again!

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Never have to worry about declining performance again!

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Never have to pay for advertising videos  again!

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Never have to ask for product reviews again!

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Improve Profits

Improve your bottom line and get more profits.

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Save Time

Quick view of your business with simple reports.

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Predictable Results

Have our experts work our magic.

Listen to what people are saying about us...

"Simply put we could not have reached $250,000 a month without your expertise and guidance. An asset to anyone considering taking their Amazon store to the next level!"

Brendan Watson

"Deciding to market on Amazon was a huge undertaking for a small business like ours. Finding AMZ Authority was a dream come."

Jennifer Lander

"Thank you for an outstanding job, your advice was VERY helpful in increasing our product exposure, and consequently, sales!"

Moshik Shlomo

Here are just a few of our customers

Well-earned reputation

Projects completed
Years in business
Team members
Revenue generated

A simple, yet powerful and efficient process

Combines technical expertise with simplicity


Step 1. Book a Strategy Call

Schedule a call and discover how we can help you achieve your goals. You don't risk a cent. There’s no cost or commitment on your part.

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Step 2. Let Us Create a Plan

Receive a market assessment plan to grow your Amazon business FREE—with no cost, obligation, or commitment.

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Step 3. Get Outstanding Results

With a plan that’s proven to work for growing your Amazon business, you’ll be amazed at how we  skyrocket your results.

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At AMZ Authority we know you are the kind of person who wants to be a top-ranking Amazon brand. In order to be that way, you need to have world-class Amazon PPC optimization. The problem is you are throwing money down the drain on old & ineffective advertising, which makes you feel frustrated and annoyed. We believe an agency should maximize profits while saving you time. We understand it’s hard to trust an agency. That’s why we have served over 156 customers in 7 years and we have customers that have been with us for years. Here’s how it works, Step one: Tell us about your business, Step two: Let us create a plan, Step three: Get top-ranking results. Our offer is simple: if you’re not completely satisfied with our relationship within the first 60 days, we’ll continue working free of charge until you are! So don’t wait any longer. Apply online today at free acceleration session so you can stop wasting your hard earned money and start getting the results you dreamed of.

+ any applicable taxes and 5% of ad spend

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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have someone in-house managing Amazon ads for us.

The estimated total pay for a North American PPC Specialist is $70,266 per year. Plus you will have to train and manage them internally. We can save you $40,000+ per year by outsourcing to our team of specialists who love what they do and stay on the leading edge of all the Amazon updates. It’s better to outsource to specialists and experts instead of having internal team members manage the Amazon ads. This allows you to achieve your goals faster, follow a proven system, and have guidance from somebody who’s actually done it.

What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

All purchases are backed by a full 60-day satisfaction. If within 60 days you don’t feel 100%  satisfied with our partnership we'll continue working free of charge until you are. Risk-free—satisfaction assured. The best guarantee in the business.

If you are so good at Amazon advertising, why don’t you have your own brand?

Our CEO, Michael, was a partner in five different Amazon brands. The time required to build five brands was too time consuming, so after analyzing most agencies, he realized that most agencies don’t have real world experience selling their own products so this gives us a unique advantage. In the future, our vision is to be a partner in more brands, but first, we want to grow our agency to the point where the CEO is removed from the day-to-day operations and can focus on these partnerships.il list (if you have one). On the listing you will see a button that says leave a review. Keep in mind that you will only want to get a few base reviews with unverified reviews, the rest should be verified.

Other people are pitching similar services, what makes you different?

We are the first Amazon agency to combine CRO and PPC. They both go hand-in-hand and anyone that doesn't do it is providing sub-par results. We have the data to back it up. We built and sold 5 Amazon brands. We founded eight Amazon mastermind groups (a group of leading Amazon sellers who share best practices). We are the only Amazon agency that is certified by Run Like Clockwork (our business runs with industry-leading efficiency). We are obsessed with making Amazon advertising simple for our customers (it’s our brand promise). We are on a mission to help 1000 E-commerce businesses triple the size of their business (we have a noble goal above ourselves).

How much is our ad spend going to be?

We can improve your ad spend efficiency by over 20% with our state-of-the-art systems, tools, and expert team. We can start off with your current ad spend and adjust our approach based on what your goals are. Get in touch to let us know about your business and we'll create a plan to exceed your objectives.

Book a Strategy Call Today!

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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